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CI Summit And The Super Latest Innovations In Artificial Intelligence

The machines are usually getting better than ever before. They are able to switch on the lights and order us

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Introducing The Electrifying Electric Remoteless Skateboard- Starkboat

Skateboarding initially began in California for providing the riders a means to “surf the roads.” Although the skateboard technology has

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Future Prediction By Ray Kurzweil’s: Single AI On Man And Technology

Ray Kurzweil is known to be a formidable figure when it comes to futuristic thinking. It is estimated that he

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RedSpace- An Incredible Car With A Size As Huge As An Office

It is an electric car that is actually known to be an office. It has been designed to change the

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Halo- A Wireless Wooden Phone Charger Which Is Absolutely Eco-friendly

This is a wireless charging that enables you to charge your phone at your own comfort. It is a solid

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Vocktail Virtual Cocktail Glass The Best Blend Of Digital Taste

Experts of the Singapore National University have made a cocktail glass that is able to deceive your feelings into considering

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