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Using Drones to Automate Warehouse Inventory Tracking

Inventory taking is one of those unavoidable routines that tend to be labor intensive, tedious as well as time consuming.

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LoveNuts Edges is Here with Us – Facts you Should Know

The news is all over, the LoveNuts is here with us. It is a vibrator that has been designed in

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The Latest Pebble 4.0 Update- Facts You Should Know

In an effort to provide users with a better experience, Pebble updates constantly with the latest update being the biggest

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Automated Lawn Care will Extinct Checks Under the Doormat

A properly maintained lawn is among the common mixed blessings a homeowner can either afflict or treat himself or herself

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Mobalytics: Finally Competitive Gamers Get a Coach

The competitive gaming industry has consistently surpassed the expectations of many. As at now, e-sports market is projected to reach

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Turing Announces New Phone: Turing Monolith Chaconne

Turing monolith-chaconne is definitely a phone with incredible specs and it seems too perfect that it smells fishy. However, in

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