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Apple Claims that the iPad Pro is a Replacement for Laptop

Apple launched the iPad Pro, a plus-sized tablet, towards the end of 2016 and the tech giant is marketing the

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It Appears Like Sonos Has Discovered the Secret to A Great Sound Bar

The Sonos company announced Playbase on Tuesday and noted that approximately 70 percent of flat-screen televisions in the United States

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Google Continues to Make New Chromebook Pixel but You can’t Buy One

Google introduced Chrome operating systems for laptops and desktops, but it was disposable and not interchangeable. They promised to make

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In Nintendo’s History Switch is the Fastest-Selling Game Console

Nintendo has launched a new console known as the Switch and barely three days from its release, it has already

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The Long Awaited VR Game Seems to be the Oculus Rift’s ‘Robo Recall’

Oculus Rift’s Robo Recall game is the most polished virtual reality gaming to date. The game is sophisticated and well

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Pulse: Twitch’s Very Own News Feed for Its Gamers

Media always has a simplified yet influencing capability to the public and all the people in general. The passage of

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